Environmental strategic planning. Coming to grips with business realities

Over the past ten years, environmental managers have had an increasingly
difficult time delivering their message to business managers. The bad news of
new, tougher environmental regulations and the good news of cost savings by
picking the "low hanging fruit" have been replaced by a legislative and
regulatory slowdown compounded by even tougher hurdles to demonstrate
shareholder value. Executives have time for immediate, critically significant
business issues but the environment, in their view, is not where the action is

Strategic planning is an ideal tool to re-engage management on emerging issues
and priorities. Readers who witnessed the purging of entire planning
departments during the 1980s are probably saying to themselves, "Yah, right!"
Environmental strategic planning is an emerging trend that addresses a number
of current problems faced by environmental managers, as an online article by
Richard MacLean shows.

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