Euro-Dan Sko A/S

Euro-Dan® Work socks

Euro-Dan® Work socks

This sock is a sweat absorbing working sock. The sock is made sweat absorbering when you knit the whole top side of the socks foot and the whole leg in polypropylen. A yarn many knows from ski underwear or similar.

Polypropylen has – next to being extreme sweat absorbering – also following strengths as:
- Temperature regulated
- Light
- Dirt rejecting
- A high colourfastness

The toe, the high heel and the whole underside of the foot is made of wool/acryl, which makes it more soft and gives a better thermoisolateing effect because it is knitted as terry cloth. Wool has also this functional quality that it will not be wheat and cold in the same way as cotton will be. We have also in the knitting used wool around the high heel to protect the foot better around the AchillesŽ tendon.

43% Nephila polypropylen
24% Wool
24% Acrylic
5% Polyamid
3% Lycra
2% Elasthan

At the end we can also mention that the toe and heel are strengthen with polyamid to maximize the wearing quality, when it typical will be at these two places where user will wear down the socks at first. All together a very pleasant working sock for use in and out.

The socks, article no. 9914, can be delivered in size: 36-39, 40-43, 44-47 and 48-51.