European Commission revamps its health and safety site

Health and Safety at work represents today one of the most important most
advanced fields of the social policy of the Union. The Community action
therefor is not limited to legislation. The Commission has widen the scope of
its activities, in cooperation with the European Agency for health and safety
at work and the European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working
Conditions, in favour of information, guidance and promotion of a healthy
working environment by paying particular attention to small and medium-size

The Commission communication "Adapting to change in work and society: a new
Community strategy on health and safety at work 2002-2006" outlines the options
for further action to make workplaces across Europe safer and healthier.

On this way the European Commission has launched the health and safety site in
a new design, featuring:

  • H&S @ work

    • Historical Perspective
    • Strategies of the Commission
    • Mission Statement
    • Areas of Activity

  • H&S - team
  • News

    • Latest Headlines
    • Old Headlines

  • Legislation
  • Case Law
  • Committees
  • Statistics & Figures
  • Documents & Publications
  • Calls for Proposals and
  • Links

Further Information

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