Capital Safety Group

European Launch of i-Safe™, Radical Intelligent Safety from DBI-SALA at the A+A Exhibition, Düsseldorf. Sept. 18-21 2007

Traditionally the process of managing height safety equipment has been both challenging and time consuming - but not anymore!
i-Safe from DBI-SALA, part of the Capital Safety Group, is an intelligent safety system which makes inspection, inventory control and information management related to equipment easy and efficient.

Falls from height are still a major cause of fatalities and serious injuries across many industries. i-Safe can radically reduce this risk for personnel working at height. i-Safe users can quickly identify if a piece of equipment has been involved in a fall or is due for inspection. This provides safety professionals with peace of mind that the equipment being sent out for use would function correctly if a fall were to occur.

By combining Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tagged fall-protection equipment and web-based information management i-Safe provides users with a reliable and simplified process for managing their safety equipment.

So how exactly does i-Safe work? The RFID tags are programmed with a unique ID which registers the model type and history of a piece of equipment. The tags have no battery to limit their life and are resistant to grease, dust and salt water, making them ideal for use even in the most harsh environments.

A PDA reader scans the RFID tags and instantly detects the unique ID number of the equipment. Inspections and equipment assignment information, such as worker name or location, can be logged quickly and effortlessly with just the click of a button.
The data stored on the PDA can then be downloaded to the hard drive of a computer or the customised i-Safe web portal. The i-Safe website is set up and hosted by Capital Safety customer service specialists and can provide instant access to related safety and equipment information, training records, product advisories and useful links.

i-Safe RFID tags can be retrofitted to any brand of harness or lanyard meaning that
i-Safe can easily be used to monitor your existing safety equipment, i-Safe RFID tags are now fitted as standard to all DBI-SALA equipment.

“i-Safe helps manage some of the complex challenges that safety managers face each day” says Capital Safety’s Marketing Manager, Steve Jervis “We have received great feedback from customers, saying that i-Safe significantly simplifies the management of safety programs. It allows them to easily record and access information on inspections, inventory and related equipment information.”

The system provides streamlined access to a variety of information that professionals need for management of their safety programmes. Use of i-Safe on a regular basis will create a safer and more productive work environment with fewer delays because of missing, out-of-date, or improperly inspected equipment. The system comes complete with an implementation and how to use guide and full training is available, and the software is translated into English, French, Italian, Spanish, German and Swedish languages.