European Trade Union Institute for Research, Education and Health and Safety formed

The European Trade Union Technical Bureau for Health and Safety (TUTB) merged
with the European Trade Union Institute (ETUI) and the European Trade Union
College (ETUCO), who will now collectively operate as the not-for-profit
organisation, the European Trade Union Institute for Research, Education and
Health and Safety (ETUI-REHS), and will employ around 60 persons.

"The new institute will provide the kind of research, expertise and support
needed by decision-makers to maintain the impetus for Social Europe", said
former TUTB Director Marc Sapir, who now heads the new centre. The ETUI-REHS
director said he believed that the new ETUC institute "will promote
international solidarity, justice and well-being by giving protection to
workers both in the EU Member States and the countries preparing to join".

The new centre will bring together professional economic and social research
expertise, engineering and ergonomic knowledge, and training activities that
can make the new international not-for-profit organization a real asset for the
European Union as a whole. "There are many overlaps between these areas of
knowledge which, when united in one organization, will bring a real value-added
to the work of our movement", said John Monks.

The TUTB may have gone, but the vast field of health and safety at work, which
is key to workers' rights, has not been abandoned. The staff of the late TUTB,
including its research officers and director, will carry on its studies and
publishing activities in the new institute's health and safety department, and
will continue providing expertise to support the trade union members of the
European institutions involved in these areas, and ETUC member organizations.

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