European conference to tackle stress at work - Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao, Spain, 25 November 2002

Nearly one in three of Europe's workers, or more than 40 million people, report
that they are affected by stress at work and it is estimated that stress is
responsible for more than 50% of lost working days in the European Union. These
staggering figures will provide the backdrop for the deliberations of
policy-makers, health and safety experts, academics, business representatives
and trade unionists, who will gather in Bilbao, Spain, to focus on the theme of
work-related psychosocial risks.

The conference is jointly organised by the European Agency for Safety and
Health at Work and the Danish Presidency of the European Union and is the
closing event for a major EU-wide awareness raising campaign on this growing
health and safety problem. It will include workshops and a colloquium as well
as the presentation of the 2002 European good practice awards in safety and
health at work.

The event provides an opportunity for leading European
decision-makers and safety and health experts to discuss work-related
psychosocial risks, focusing on the policy challenges. It also aims to promote
the results of the target="_blank">European Week campaign and to highlight good practices in
the prevention of psychosocial risks.

Further target="_blank">information provides the European Agency for Safety and
Health at Work

European Agency for Safety and Health at Work