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Fashion instead of a dungaree

Corporate Fashion is representing a service orientated company where customer contact is most frequent: at the staff. But that is theory. For companies with staff working outside or physically this exercise is not more than a devote wish. Today’s available fabrics for this type of application do protect against wind, weather and sawdust; but due to their rough textured construction they are not really the most adequate business card of a company…

What is protecting against rain or cold and repelling mortar-dust may be very convenient, but is very rarely nice to look at. The reason is simple: “The textiles used so far for handicraft and outdoor staff are functional, with only one focus: durability”, explains Hans-J. Ulmer, Marketing- and Sales Director at textile manufacturer KETTELHACK. “This is the reason for the open construction of these fabrics, available mostly in classical dungaree blue. More fashionable fabrics, especially produced for Corporate Fashion, are not fit for more extreme tasks. They are too light for outdoor applications, tearing more easily and wearing off fast – not to speak of the protection against wind and weather.

What is a transport company about to do, sending out their drivers wearing a “Corporate Fashion”, carrying not only pallets but also the image of the company? Or the manufacturer, fitting out his craftsmen with a professional workwear, that is not only tearproof but creating sympathy at the customer? A fabric is required that was not existing so far; withstanding maximum stress but with a stylish construction to be used for Corporate Fashion.

KETTELHACK, one of the leading German manufacturers for workwear and Corporate Fashion textiles, followed this route and developed a completely new fabric: “PANAMA”. This fabric is combining the advantages of durable workwear with trendy Corporate Fashion. “Our target was to build a bridge between Fashion and durability”, Ulmer is explaining the idea behind PANAMA. PANAMA is offering high tensile strength and protection against wind and weather. And the weaving construction is similar to fabrics used normally for Corporate Fashion.

The structure was decisive for the development of a new fabric, creating the special optics of the fabric. Due to new production methods it was possible to give PANAMA a stylish new look, even with a square weight of more than 300 g/m². The colour range reflects as well the needs of individual workwear: from classical dungaree blue to Corporate Colours of a company.

Further information about PANAMA can be found at www.kettelhack.de/news/textile innovation. Sourcing information about workwear made of PANAMA for your company is available here as well.