First Aid On Your Phone

How well would you cope in a medical emergency? We all understand how important
it is to act quickly, but how many of us actually could? Well, help is at hand
as vita l first aid advice is now available via your mobile phone with
MobiMedic, an interactive service that downloads data directly to the user's
mobile. The concept has proved so successful that a version of MobiMedic called
Mobi-First-Aid is already being sold by the British Red Cross.

A sudden medical emergency can happen anywhere ­ in the street, at work or when
visiting some far-flung location.   Being some time from access to professional
medical support when the worst happens can frightening, so it is w orth being

Whether it's an accident such a serious cut or burn, or the sudden onset of a
heart attack or severe allergic reaction, taking the right action in the
all-important first few minutes can quite literally mean the difference between
lif e and death. And while statistics show that as many as 95 per cent of
people have little or no practical first aid training, most of us do now have
access to a mobile phone, and because you carry it around with you, it is an
ideal way to improve your skills.     


MobiMedic uses the same Java technology used for games on the latest generation
of mobiles. A mix of visuals, text and interactive prompts takes users through
standard first aid procedures, using their input to advise what action should
be taken next. Downloading the guide and working through the scenarios is an
easy way to learn the first aid techniques, covering the 21 most common first
aid situations, based on official statistics.

The emergencies covered by MobiMedic range from dealing with a choking victim
to serious cuts, burns, broken bones, asthma and allergy attacks and poisoning.

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