L. Priebs GmbH & Co. KG, Lupriflex Sicherheitsschuhe

First climate neutral safety footwear manufacturer

The topic climate protection is getting more and more attention in the daily news. The middle-class German safety footwear manufacturer L. Priebs GmbH & Co. KG has already voluntarily contributed to climate protection since September 2008.
All carbon dioxide emissions which arise from the daily business are saved as far as possible. The unavoidable remainder is neutralized by monthly investments into a certified climate protection project in India.

Now the climate neutral pioneer within the footwear and occupational safety sector has made up a balance after one year.
The company could reduce its CO₂ emissions by about 28 percent. The highest savings of 25 tons CO₂ are due to the change to green electricity, followed by the fleet of cars with a reduction of 1,7 tons CO₂ and 1,2 tons CO₂ with regard to paper consumption. In total, the emission balance showed a pleasant reduction of about 33 tons carbon dioxide.
In 2010 Priebs will go on to follow the track of environmental protection: The family company envisages to participate in the German project “Eco Profit” in order to lower its operating costs by environmental and climate protection measures. The main targets will be water, waste and energy.