Free Online Course on Preventing Workplace Violence

In addition to traditionally safety and health hazards affecting
employees over the last years workülace violence has become an issue. Employees,
as well as supervisors and managers, have become all too frequent victims of
assaults or other violent acts in the workplace which entail a substantial risk
of physical or emotional harm. Many of these assaults result in fatal injury, but
an even greater number result in nonfatal injury, or in the threat of injury,
which can lead to medical treatment, missed work, lost wages and decreased

A single explanation for the increase in workplace violence is not readily
available. Some episodes of workplace violence, like robberies of small retail
establishments, seem related to larger societal problems of crime. Other
episodes seem to arise more specifically from employment-related problems.

What can be done to prevent workplace violence?

A free online program to train retail workers and employers on preventing and
responding to violence in the workplace gives some anwsers. The course offers
tips on how to respond to violence or the threat of violence by reading body
language and using de-escalation techniques, and how to establish a workplace
violence prevention program.

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