Free access to seven databases for hazardous substances

GESTIS is a joint project of the German Berufsgenossenschaften (institutions
for statutory accident insurance and prevention) aimed at establishing and
using a network of centralised and decentralised files on harmful substances.
This network forms the basis of an information system intended to efficiently
support the preventive activities of the Berufsgenossenschaften and their
member companies and thus promote health protection at workplaces where
hazardous substances are handled.

At present, GESTIS comprises nine central databases operated at the German
Federation of the institutions for statutory accident insurance and prevention
(Hauptverband der gewerblichen Berufsgenossenschaften):

  • GESTIS-Stoffdatenbank containing data and information on hazardous substances
  • International Chemical Safety Cards - ICSC
  • ISI - Information system for safety data sheets (in German)
  • GESTIS Analytical methods for chemical agents at workplaces
  • GESTIS International limit values for chemical agents
  • GESTIS German criteria documents for occupational limit values (in German)
  • GESTIS-DUST-EX Database Combustion and explosion characteristics of dusts
  • Exposure database MEGA (Measurement data relating to workplace exposure to
    hazardous substances) containing exposure and company-related data
  • Documentation on occupational diseases (BK-DOK) indicating all reported cases
    of suspected occupational diseases (in German)

The following decentralised information systems within the GESTIS-network are
operated by the Berufsgenossenschaften. They contain primarily sector-oriented
information such as substance or product-related draft operating instructions
or instructions for use:

  • GISBAU - Information system on hazardous substances operated by the
    Berufsgenossenschaften for the building and construction sector (in German)
  • GisChem - GisChem - Hazardous substances information system of the
    Berufsgenossenschaft in the chemical industry (in German)

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