Furniture Manufacturers and Woodworking Industries assist EU candidate countries

The European Furniture Manufacturers Federation (UEA) and the European
Confederation of Woodworking Industries (CEIBois) receive an European
Commission funding to assist in transfering information on EU health and safety
and environment directives and auto-diagnostic evalations of the work
environment to Candidate Countries. For the furniture industry, the enlargement
is considered an opportunity to reaffirm the leading international position of
the EU furniture industry and to improve its waning competitiveness through the
integration of the industries in the enlargement countries and through an
intense co-operation between manufacturers in the EU and in the candidate

Basing on a former project three main areas of intervention were identified:

- Health and Safety

- Environment

- Development

Considering the national differences in the candidate countries, FACTS will be
developed nationally with specific assistance targeted to the needs as
identified by the Task Force. The main objectives of FACTS are:

- Transfer the acquis communautaire directly to the companies and help them
comply with it to allow them to better integrate the EU market;

- Increase the competitiveness of the member companies of the CEEC federations;

- Increase the level of industrial co-operation between companies of the EU and
of the enlargement countries, as it is the ideal tool to transfer technology
and knowledge.

Concretely, the objectives should be reached through a number of specific

- Development of a number of self auditing tools in the three fields, allowing
federations and companies to evaluate their knowledge and their compliance with
the acquis communautaire.

- Translation and dissemination (electronic and otherwise) of these tools among
others through targeted workshops teaching federations and companies how to use

- Training of an expert in each of the CEEC federations through an active
participation in over 300 company audits in one of the problem fields.

The Task Force will also continue to assist the development of the CEEC
federations in specific areas according to their respective weaknesses.

Further information

AplusA-online.de - Source: European Agency for Safety and Health at Work