Sala Group Ltd.


Towersayf is a revolutionary new permanent fall arrest system developed by Sala, leaders in height safety equipment, specifically for the elctricity and telecom industries. The cable-based Towresayf provides full protection from falling during maintenance and repairs on installations such as pylons, towers and masts and can be used up to four operators simultaneously.

Sala's towersayf offers maximum safety with minimum equipment for greater freedom of movement whilst working. Quick and easy to install using standard tools, the system utilises existing step bolts for secure top and intermediate bracket attachment along the climbing area. The user is attached to a tensioned steel cable, which is automatically released from the intermediate brackets as he/she passes by and then springs back into place. Shock absorbers are built into the cable grab, which locks onto the cable in the event of a fall.

Towersayf's fall arrest grab housing is made from high strength, 316 stainless steel and the dipped galvanized top (anchor) bracket has been tested to 50 KN ultimate strength. The intermediate brackets are polyamide-lined to minimise fatigue stress in the cable and are guaranteed for a period of 20 years. In addition, the wire rope assembly has a minimum breaking load of 3870 kg and has a built-in tensioner and tension indicator.

New Towersayf provides total safety at all levels. If required, the cable can be temporarily extended up to six metres from the mast or pylon anti-climb device level to the ground with no need for the user to detach from the system at any point in the climb.