Werkfeuerwehrverband Deutschland Geschäftsf.: Bernd Antekeuer, 1. Vorsitz.: Raimund Bücher

German industrial fire brigades on the A+A 2007 in Düsseldorf, Federal Alliance of industrial fire service experts: Specialists deliver answers

Today the duties of the industrial fire brigades are more then fire fighting and technical help. Plant fire brigades are service providers for the productions in many areas. Along with works as main tenants of measuring instruments or working as experts, originally work for a German fire fighter, most of the fire brigades in plants today are working in themes of occupational safety, of security or are the responsible persons for fire prevention. This development to a unit for everything, what must be done quickly and on a high level of quality, has been supported by wide re-organization measures in the German industries. A lot of simple ways in the companies fore doing works are not available anymore. For obvious reasons it was logical to use a unit, which provable does a thorough job and which is available around the clock. Not least this orientation and following economical advantages for the companies emphasize the importance of the private fire brigades at each plant.

In many other plants, where there is no own fire brigade nevertheless there are duties in industrial fire prevention. Often the duty as a responsible person for fire prevention has to be assumed by the person who is responsible for occupational safety. In this case the person especially is responsible for training the employees, for equipping the employees with breathing equipment and protecting clothes and for preparing the plant for the crisis management. It seems that there are no answers for all the questions in industrial fire service for this responsible persons. Therefore the WFD (Werkfeuerwehrverband Deutschland: Federal Alliance of industrial fire service experts) presents itself meanwhile the A+A- trade faire 2007 in hall 6. Get answers form the experts for industrial fire service!

Raimund Bücher
Chairman WFV D