Institution of Occupational Safety & Health (IOSH)

Get ready for the conker frenzy!

Ashton Conker Club, organiser of the World Conker Championships, is pleased to announce that two sponsors will be supporting the 2007 Championships, to be held in Ashton on 14 October 2007.

The Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) is seeking to dispel the myths surrounding health and safety. It’s not about stopping people having fun, but enabling them to have fun safely.

Royal Haskoning is an independent consultancy firm, with 3,600 employees, operating worldwide. Their consulting services focus on the broad field of the interaction between people and their environment as a whole. Royal Haskoning is seeking to raise awareness of their environmental work.

Lisa Fowlie, the president of IOSH, said:

“Our sponsorship of the 2007 World Conker Championships is about countering the negative perception that health and safety “stops you from doing things”. Health and safety is often used as an excuse not to do something, but managed properly, it’s actually the key to ensuring activities go-ahead, but in as safe and healthy a manner as possible.

“IOSH is pleased to sponsor the 2007 World Conker Championships – it’s an event that we’re sure will be a rip-roaring success that everyone will have a fun time at. Keep an eye on the IOSH website for more information about the event.”

Henry Rowe, the Director of Royal Haskoning UK, said:

“The World Conker Championships is a tremendous event which brings together people of all ages to have fun using a natural sustainable resource. The event mirrors Royal Haskoning’s efforts to ensure that human activities are harmonious with their surroundings. Part of our reason for sponsoring the event this year is to illustrate the links between climate change, the activities of man, and a simple activity like playing conkers.”

“Royal Haskoning is looking forward to the event, and are entering three teams, with staff representing the UK, the Netherlands and the Rest of the World. The event is in close proximity to our UK Headquarters and I’m sure that everyone concerned, will have a great time and a day to remember in the beautiful surroundings of Ashton.”

Ray Hurst, IOSH's president elect, included the sponsorship announcement in an interview with BBC Radio 4's Today Programme this morning. To read about the interview go to latest news.