Global Launch of Zip-Outs by PlugsSafety

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StreamWorks Products Group, Inc., Creators of PlugsSafety™ Hearing

Protection Solutions, Unveils Revolutionary New Zip-Outs™ Device

Innovative “Simply Smarter” Design Provides Easy Way to Meet Safety

Requirements And Avoid Costly Workplace Safety Violations

International Debut at Booth Hall 9, C06 at 2009 A+A Safety Trade Fair in Dusseldorf

STOCKTON, Calif. (October 26, 2009) – StreamWorks Products Group, Inc. (SPG), renowned for developing innovative consumer products across several industries, has announced the release of Zip-Outs™ – the foremost product under its new PlugsSafety division, a cutting-edge line of hearing protection solutions. The latest in a robust collection of more than 125 unique SPG “Simply Smarter” products, Zip-Outs provides a convenient means to access ear plugs for hearing protection, enabling all users to satisfy various international safety standard requirements, including OSHA, ANSI, EU (EN 352), SLC, CA and others. The Zip-Outs will be on-hand at booth number Hall 9, C06 at the A+A Safety Trade Fair in Dusseldorf on November 3-6, 2009.

“Although hearing loss – the number one work-related injury in the country – is completely preventable with proper hearing protection, safety measures are often ignored because products are uncomfortable and inconvenient,” said SPG Co-founder and CEO Bill Brauner. “With our latest ‘Simply Smarter’ product, we sought to resolve these issues. Using a zipper tethering system that installs quickly and easily into any hard hat, new or old, Zip-Outs are a readily accessible solution to hearing protection.”

Zip-Outs’ zip out/zip in tethering system guarantees ear plugs are always available to the hard hat wearer. Zip-Outs’ unique ear plug delivery and retention system attaches Noise Reduction Rating (NRR/SNR)-rated ear plugs directly to all types of hard hats. PlugsSafety™ also manufacturers a line of ball caps with a similar tethered hearing protection delivery system ensuring ear plugs are constantly with users and these are available either blank or customized with your company logo.

The product is offered in hard or soft plugs, providing users a comfortable and convenient defense against hearing-related injuries. Zip-Outs are designed to allow simple earplug removal for replacement and cleaning. PlugsSafety manufactures a line of soft foam plugs for use with Zip Outs under the DuraFoam™ brand and permanent plugs under the PermaPlug™ brand. Recent market surveys conducted by prominent research firm Baker Street Solutions has already revealed that “PlugsSafety is end-user preferred and exceeds expectations for hearing safety, reliability, cost and convenience.”

“Zip-Outs, which retail for one one-thousandth of the cost of penalties associated with workplace safety violations, are a profoundly worthwhile investment,” noted Brauner.

PlugsSafety’s patented Zip-Outs are available for $7 / €5 per pair and can be purchased through PlugsSafety sales representatives and select distributors around the world. For more information or to place orders, call 866-536-PLUG or visit www.plugssafety.com.

About StreamWorks Products Group, Inc.
SPG is a rapidly growing consumer products development company based in Stockton, California, offering an extensive line of innovative products under various brands. The company was co-founded in 2003 by anglers and outdoor enthusiasts Bill Brauner and Jim Duffy to manufacture and distribute a line of fly fishing accessory products that Brauner and Duffy had created. Recognizing that many of their innovations would serve larger markets as well, SPG quickly adapted and patented its technologies and now manufactures products under the following brands: StreamWorks® fishing products; PlugsSafety hearing protection products; Hub-Light™ lighted tools; and Hattail and Brewsky specialty headwear. SPG products are now sold in top retail outlets and through industrial product distributors around the world. For more information or to order products online, please visit www.streamworksproducts.com.

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