Global estimates of fatal work-related diseases

Work-related mortality is a relatively new concept which aims to widen
occupational health and safety; to take into account not only recognized fatal
occupational accidents and diseases but also other work-related deaths. Few
countries in the world have a register for work-related diseases.

A recently published article in the American Journal of Industrial Medicine
estimates that about 2 million work-related deaths take place annually. Men
suffer two thirds of those deaths. The biggest groups of work-related diseases
are cancers, circulatory diseases and communicable diseases.


Information about work-related diseases is needed for prevention, as people in
developed countries are working longer, and the age of retirement is being
raised in many countries. As a result, workers are being exposed to different
kinds of substances and working conditions for a longer time. In developing
countries, work exposures may already start in infancy. Due to
industrialization, workers in developing countries are facing new conditions
with a lack of relevant knowledge and skills. With the help of information,
nations can direct resources and skills for appropriate purposes such as
regulatory measures on health and safety at work. 

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