Guide for Childminders

The British National Childminding Association (NCMA) has published a guide to
children's safety aimed at registered childminders and other home-based

The NCMA guide to children's safety adopts a risk assessment based approach,
usefully illustrated by practical examples to assist with hazard identification
and risk control. Specific environments in the home are addressed, eg bathroom,
kitchen, and are given this treatment, as are hazards arising from the garden,
play equipment, trips and outings. There is a particularly good section on the
selection of suitable toys and equipment.

Reading this useful guide serves as a reminder of the numerous harms that can
befall children when risks are insufficiently controlled in the home.

The National Childminding Association (NCMA) is the only British charity and
membership organisation that speaks on behalf of registered childminders in
England and Wales. They promote quality registered childminding so that
children, families and communities can benefit from the best in childcare and

Working in partnership with the Government and local authorities they aim to
ensure that every registered childminder has access to services, training,
information and support to enable them to do a proper job.

They also aim to ensure that everyone who supports registered childminding has
access to the information, training and support they need.

Further Information

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