2G di Gemignani Giulio


Our experience based on tests made in laboratory and in various fields of working with different kinds of vibrating tools has given us the possibility to confirm that usual anti-vibration gloves used to amortize medium and high frequencies transmitted by circular saws, angular emery wheels, palmar emery wheels, sanders, hack-saws, chainsaws and string trimmers, are not suitable for jackhammers or other similar vibrating tools that transmit low frequencies, even sometimes they amplify negative effects of vibrations.

On this purpose, there are two specific lines:

- VIBRA-FRESH art. 2002 and 2022: suitable for medium-high frequencies (circular saws etc.)

- VIBRA-FRESH PIU' art. 2016 and 2013: suitable for low frequencies (jackhammers etc.)

As affirmed by EN ISO 10819 standard, any kind of anti-vibration glove to be considered so has to respect the following values contemporaneously:
TRM < 1,0 and TRH < 0,6
where TRM and TRH indicate correct medium transmissibilities calculated on M (medium frequencies) and H (high frequencies) vibration spectrum.
See the following results obtained by our glove created for jackhammers:

Article: VIBRA-FRESH PIU' 2016 (leather)
Anti-vibration (EN ISO 10819): TRM: 0,87 and TRH: 0,57
Mechanical Risk (EN 388):
Dexterity: 3

Article: VIBRA-FRESH PIU' 2013 (cotton/elastic fabric back)
Anti-vibration (EN ISO 10819): TRM: 0,93 and TRH: 0,60
Mechanical Risk (EN 388):
Dexterity: 3

Further to the excellent results obtained with vibration, we give prominence to CORAZZA glove art. 20100 which has 3 certificates: EN ISO 10819, chainsaw protection class 3 (28 m/s, maximum speed expected by the EN381.7 standard) and EN388.

NOTE: To have an effective advantage in using anti-vibration gloves, we’ll provide the necessary guide lines that we have elaborated thanks to 8 years of experience, further to tests made in comparison with other competitors.