Hughes Safety Showers Ltd.


Hughes Safety Showers, together with its German subsidiary Hughes Notduschen, will be showing a wide range of emergency showers and eyebath/facewash units at A+A 2007.

The stand will feature a range of products with DVGW certification. This confirms that they fully meet the new DIN EN -15154 (part 1 and 2) Standard. Hughes has more than 25 certified showers and eyebath/facewash units and is currently one of the only suppliers offering such a wide range of DVGW approved units.

‘An increasing number of customers are now specifying DVGW compliance as they recognise the benefit of using approved products,’ says Managing Director Tony Hughes. ‘Certification provides the reassurance they seek and it has undoubtedly helped our German subsidiary, Hughes Notduschen, to achieve record sales during the past 12 months. Our significant investment in securing certification has already been repaid in increased sales.’

Further evidence of the importance attached to DVGW approval came with the inclusion of these products in the latest issue of the German industrial health and safety products catalogue Denios.

Hughes Safety Showers is Europe’s largest manufacturer of emergency safety showers and eyebaths/facewash equipment. The company offers the widest range from any supplier including models designed for indoor and outdoor use in temperate, hot and cold climates.

Specialist showers have also been developed to meet the specific needs of industries such as pharmaceutical manufacturing. Decontamination units have evolved out of specialist showers developed for the fire service. They range from small showers for decontaminating emergency service personnel and their equipment to large units for mass decontamination of the general public.

Hughes Safety Showers exports to more than 65 countries. For more than 35 years, it has been at the forefront of technical developments and has acquired a reputation for excellent engineering design, stringent quality standards and unrivalled customer service and support. The company’s headquarters and factory are in Stockport, England. It also has subsidiaries in Germany and North America, and a sales office in the UAE.