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Half-yearly result shows double-digit growth again at Wilkhahn


In 2010 Wilkhahn already posted impressive growth of 25 per cent and is now repeating its success in the first six months of 2011 too. At just under 20 per cent sales growth compared with the previous year, the odds are looking good for the office furniture manufacturer to beat its previous 2007 sales record before the recession hit. The German and Asia-Pacific market are the biggest growth pillars. The ON office chair as a global innovation is mainly responsible for successful sales.

Bad Münder. Good news is still coming from the headquarters of the family-run, established company Wilkhahn. The firm now does three quarters of its business in international markets. In Wilkhahn’s case, the development of each of the markets reflects the different aspects of the global economy. A stable upwards trend is manifesting itself in west, central and northern Europe. Wilkhahn Switzerland is still experiencing high-level growth. And as the largest single market with almost 30 per cent growth in sales, Germany is proving to be Wilkhahn’s powerhouse. Hot on its heels are the booming markets which are served by the now biggest subsidiary Wilkhahn Asia-Pacific with manufacturing facilities in Sydney, Australia. Thanks to several major orders, Wilkhahn Middle East is also in the fast lane. And despite the current unsettled mood in the US, the latest subsidiary in the region is also developing just as dynamically and promisingly.
The office furniture market is very sensitive to developments in the global economy. Nevertheless, Wilkhahn’s strong growth shows that with the right investments in products, markets and communication, it is possible to buck trends.

An ergonomic milestone, office chair ON …
With its three-dimensional, flexible office chair ON, Wilkhahn was able to put more distance globally between itself and the competition. International experts now consider the office chair the best in the world. From Sydney to London to Chicago, from Sao Paulo to Tokyo to Frankfurt and Hanover, ON has garnered international awards, including such prestigious ones as the “Best of Competition” at NeoCon 2010 or the “German Design Award 2011” which is deemed to be the prize of all prizes. At the same time the company invested extensively in communication measures to shore up the head start it had created. “These activities in the first half of the year will not have a real impact until the second half”, predicts president Dr. Jochen Hahne. He is sure that the sweeping success of the office chair is set to continue. After just two years on the market, the successful range is already responsible for over a third of Wilkhahn’s sales.

In other words it looks like Wilkhahn is set to break the old 2007 record of 94.6 million euros and will see even more growth in the second half of the year.