Nettuno srl

Hand-Cleansers for Professionals

The Italian company Nettuno, leader in its market for the manufacture of heavy-duty hand-cleansers, will be presenting an ambitious project: Macro Division, a brand new line of products including a non-conventional dosing system and three hand-cleansers for professionals, aiming to solve problems such as accessibility, convenience and availability. Macro System is a wall-fitted dispenser that can be reloaded with cartridges: all that is required is to turn them over and fix them to the dosing device, creating a unit then ready for use. The Macro System is unique of its kind since it is fitted with a pump specially devised for dosing products containing abrasive: MacroFluid, heavy-duty hand-cleaning cream of natural soaps, solvent free with micro-spheres; MacroGel, heavy-duty hand-cleaning gel with citrus fruit extracts and micro-spheres; MacroSoap, mother-of-pearl mild detergent for delicate skin with olive extracts.
Macro Division products differ from what is already on the market because: the dispenser Macro System is offering a special pump for heavy-duty hand-cleansers containing abrasive, an emergency supply of nearly 1 litre and a theft-proof key to secure the cartridges; Macro cartridges are offering a professional format of 6000ml capacity, simple logistics, no waste material and a strengthening of customer loyalty. Actually, Macro cartridges can be refilled more than once, but this operation can be executed exclusively by the supplier: this is what Macro Division products have been projected for.
Italian creativity and design are the distinguishing and easily identifiable traits that complement the devised and patented technology with the experience of a multinational company that is the world leader in dispenser production.