Health-EU launches e-newsletter

From September 2007, the EU's Health Portal will be producing an online
newsletter. Complementing the wealth of information on the portal itself, the
newsletter will give you a selection of the latest news and activities in the
field of public health at both European and international level.

To bring the work of the EU in the field of public health closer to all
stakeholders, whether members of the public or health professionals, the
Health-EU newsletter will be hitting your inbox twice a month, giving you the
latest information in 20 of the EU's official languages, including:

  • healthcare action at EU level
  • future events and conferences on public health
  • latest publications
  • new links on the EU Health portal

So you can now keep up to date with the key events in European public health at
a single click. Each edition of the Health-EU newsletter will spotlight one of
the major EU wide "health days" in its "Focus" section, where you will find
direct links to the most active bodies in the featured field.

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AplusA-online.de - Source: European Agency for Safety and Health at Work