Health and Safety Performance Indicator

The British Health and Safety Commission (HSC) has put a Health & Safety
Performance Indicator online. The Health & Safety Performance Indicator is
designed for small and medium sized businesses operating in the UK. It is a
self-assessment tool to help businesses identify how well they are managing
health and safety. All registered business users of the indicator will remain
anonymous. A series of questions look at how a business manages its health and
safety hazards and incidents. Each is scored out of 10.

The Indicator works by asking a series of questions on:

  • key hazards that most SMEs encounter
  • frequency of incidents

A score out of ten is calculated for each ­ with ten the best possible result
and zero the poorest.

The Indicator has been designed to:

  • be accessible and easy to use
  • be useful for businesses and other stakeholders to benchmark performance in
    health and safety management in small and medium sized businesses
  • provide immediate guidance to businesses on how to improve their management
    of health and safety workplace hazards
  • provide insight into health and safety management for those less familiar
    with the subject
  • reflect the nature and issues of small business operations.

The Indicator can help you to:

  • understand how well you identify and manage health and safety hazards in
    your business
  • find guidance to help you improve your management of health and safety
  • benchmark against other businesses across sectors and sizes
  • give your insurance broker a better understanding of how your business
    handles workplace hazards; this will help them get the best terms for your
    insurance. See the guide on liability insurance for more information.

Further Information

AplusA-online.de - Source: Health and Safety Executive