Health and Safety Strategy

The British Health and Safety Commission, last February, published "A strategy
for workplace health and safety in Great Britain to 2010 and beyond", and has
now reported to the Minister for Work at the Department of Work and Pensions
with the document, "Workplace Strategy - Moving To Delivery", detailing how the
strategy has set priorities and allocated resources to areas of work that can
have the greatest impact on its targets.

The strategy can be considered to have 4 themes:

  • developing closer partnerships;
  • helping people benefit from effective health & safety management;
  • focusing on core business and being clear about priorities;
  • how communicating the vision of health & safety, as a cornerstone of
    civilised society, is being embedded into the work of the HSE.

The Chairman of the Health and Safety Commission comments: "A key message for
the longer term is that HSE has made major changes to the way it sets its
priorities and directs its resources. As an organisation it is now much better
placed to implement the strategy and deliver its targets.

Equally important is the wealth of examples which show how the strategy's four
themes are shaping HSE's approach and directly determining outputs such as
closer working with Local Authorities to focus resources on agreed health &
safety targets and the on-going business involvement programme. These pen
pictures breathe life into the organisational developments described in the
report. The strategy takes us to 2010 and beyond but it is clearly starting to
make an impact; there is still a long way to go but we are confident we will
get there."

Further information

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