Health and safety.... but at what price?

A new report by the British Health and Safety Executive (HSE) details the
findings of a study to assess whether the costs of compliance with health and
safety regulations are disproportionate across different sizes of
organisations, what the nature of expenditure is and how effective the
activities have been in improving health and safety performance. A postal
survey of organisations in Agriculture / Forestry, Construction, Health,
Manufacturing and Transport sectors was conducted, followed by indepth
interviews with a sample of employers across these sectors (site visits).

As well as general health and safety expenditure and activity, the review
focused on the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations, Control of
Pesticides Regulations, Manual Handling Operations Regulations and Noise at
Work Regulations.

The study identified that the costs of compliance are disproportionate across
different sizes of organisation, although the ‘size’ at which these costs
became disproportionate varied across the different pieces of legislation. The
findings from the site visits largely supported those from the postal survey.
Recommendations are made regarding the nature of advice required by different
sizes of organisations, and how they might be more effectively targeted in the

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