Healthy Small Enterprises

Compared to many other groups, employees in small enterprises have considerable
influence over their work situation. They can adjust the pace of work, working
hours and the work situation to suit their own abilities and life situations,
according to a report, "Healthy Small Enterprises" produced by Statistics
Sweden for Sweden's Federation of Private Enterprises.

In compliance with this the web page "www.prevent.se" presents - in addition
to other services - checklists for small and mediums sized enterprises to
improve their occupational safety and health efforts. One can find for example:

- What is workplace health promotion?

- Checklist for Datascreen Workplaces in an Office Environment

- Work with Isocyanates and Polyurethane, Self Diagnosis

- Checklist for safety inspections (general)

- Checklist for well-being at work and the atmosphere at work

Further Information

AplusA-online.de - Source: European Agency for Safety and Health at Work