Healthy attendance and a healthy workplace - profiling the well managed organisation

The British Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and the Work Foundation have
collaborated on a project undertaken by an advisory group, comprising of
representatives of Task Force departments and trade unions, to promote board
level leadership and strategy in the areas of sickness management and healthier

Such a strategy, it is suggested, may include:

  • monitoring, measuring and understanding;
  • managing sickness absence when it happens;
  • tackling the underlying causes of absence; and
  • fostering a culture that encourages attendance.

To further the promotion, the Work Foundation has produced a suite of 3
products aimed at different levels of the management chain:

Guidelines for Boards
These are aimed at Chief Executives and board members. They are intended to
support boards as they address sickness absence and promote a healthy
workplace. They are designed to be part of a "whole systems” approach that:

  • (a) links top level commitment to operational delivery;
  • (b) tackles problems that are organisational rather than individual; and
  • (c) involves employees and their representatives.

Guidelines for HR Directors and Senior Managers
These supplement the guidelines for boards. They provide a framework for
considering the reduction of absence and the promotion of healthy attendance
and sources of further expertise.

Diagnostic Tools for Handling Sickness Absence
This toolkit supplements the guidance for boards and HR directors. It is aimed
at practitioners and will help them to:

  • (a) identify management skills and training needs;
  • (b) assess underlying causes of absence, especially where they might be
    improved through better work organisation and job design; and
  • (c) implement best practice in engaging the workforce. It includes pointers
    to further sources of help and advice.

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