How to run an incentive

Incentive programs aren't a cure-all, but they do provide a sure-fire way to
incite the troops to hit specific business targets. An article by the
incentives industry expert Don Anderson in the Occupational Health & Safety
magazine describes the steps needed to run an effective program. He emphasizes
that the first and possibly most important question is, What do I want to
accomplish? Clearly defined objectives are the cornerstone of a successful

Next, a program that works requires a well-planned strategy featuring rules
that are simple, fair and easy to communicate; a measurement system that
clearly gauges desired objectives; and more. Then, with a plan in place, it's
time to build a budget, devise a measuring system and choose the awards.

Anderson notes, "Choosing incentive awards is a lot like going on a shopping
spree, except for one major difference: You're not shopping for yourself." It's
important to choose incentives that match the demographics and desires of the
targeted employees.

To learn more about these steps as well as spreading the word about a program,
running it and evaluating the results, read Anderson's article in the June
Occupational Health & Safety.

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