Human Factors in the Rail Industry

The British Health and Safety Executive (HSE) offers comprehensive information
relating to human factors in the rail industry.

The pages have a common format, containing: an introduction, a section on the
main issues relating to the content of the page, a case study and links to more

Topics include:

  • Alarm handling
  • Work related violence
  • Competence
  • Conveying safety information to the public
  • Crowd control at stations
  • On-train incident response plans for disabled passengers
  • Developing Human Factors capability and awareness
  • Fatigue and shift patterns
  • Human Factors in Design
  • Human Factors Integration
  • Human Factors in safety management systems
  • Human reliability
  • Level crossings
  • People resources
  • Procedures
  • Safety culture
  • Infrastructure Systems
  • Signal Passed At Danger (SPADs) and Human Factors

Further Information:

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