Brüel & Kjaer GmbH

Human Vibration Analyzer Type 4447

An increase in the number of hand-arm and whole-body injuries caused by vibration is the consequence of the use of modern appliances that are powered by external power sources. Hand-tools, machinery, and heavy vehicles cause vibration, the harmfulness of which depends on its intensity and frequency content, and the time of exposure.

Brüel & Kjær’s Human Vibration Analyzer Type 4447, a portable system for acquisition, measurement and evaluation of human vibration, is designed to meet the requirements of those who wish to monitor and reduce the exposure of human operators to the harmful influences of such vibration. It is delivered together with a SW package for calculation of vibration exposure to check the action values and limit values as stated in European Directive 2002/44/EC:

Compact, stand-alone instrument with an internal power source
Versatile graphics display for control of the instrument and analysis of results
Ideal for field-work, only four buttons for control of functions
All necessary data displayed for instant assessment of exposure to vibration
USB connection to a computer for archiving and post process of the data to calculate vibration doses

The instrument was developed and designed on the basis of inputs from several groups concerned about human vibration:

Consultants working with measurements of, and risk evaluations caused by, exposure to occupational vibration
Departments for occupational health
Manufacturers of building machinery, freight vehicles and other machinery causing vibration
Manufacturers of anti-vibration pads, seats and personal protection equipment
Manufacturers of all kinds of hand-tools
Educational institutions
Medical institutions