ILO OHS Encyclopaedia and CIS database free online

The ILO Encyclopaedia of Occupational Health and Safety and the CISDOC
bibliographic database on OSH are now available online free through the ILO Web
site .
This invaluable resource is available through the enlightened policy of the
ILO, the Encyclopaedia it describes as the centrepiece of its 'SafeWork
Bookshelf', which also includes the ILO/WHO/UNEP International Chemical Safety

The Encyclopaedia of Occupational Health and Safety focusses on the
multidisciplinary approach to modern OHS and comprises:

Volume I

  • The Body and Health Care take a medical approach and provides
    information on disease, its detection and prevention, and occupational health
    services and health promotional activities.
  • Prevention, Management and Policy covers legal, ethical and social policy
    aspects of the field, as well as educational and informational and
    institutional resources.
  • Tools and Approaches provides insight into the disciplines which comprise
    the study and application of occupational health and safety: engineering,
    ergonomics, occupational hygiene, epidemiology and statistics and laboratory

Volume II
  • Hazards spans the range of chemical, physical and social hazards,
    accidents and safety management methods that may be encountered around the
    world. The nature of the hazard is detailed, together with technical
    information on its recognition, evaluation and control.

Volume III

  • Chemicals presents basic data on use in industry and chemical, physical and
    toxicological properties information on more than 2,000 chemicals categorized
    by chemical family
  • Industries and Occupations takes a "how things work" and "how to control
    hazards" approach to all the major industries. The hazards associated with a
    variety of occupations which span several industrial sectors are presented in a
    hazard card format.

Volume IV

  • Indexes and Guides provides a how-to-use the Encyclopaedia guide; lists of
    tables and figures and collaborating institutions; and indexes of chemical
    substances, cross-references, subjects and authors cited.

Several thousand internationally recognized experts have been called upon to be
writers and reviewers of this Encyclopaedia. They have been drawn from
virtually all the major institutions around the world and we have attempted to
assure that international perspectives are represented because such
perspectives are not the same everywhere and it is the responsibility of the
International Labour Organization to promote the free interchange of different
conceptualizations. Further, problems and solutions vary around the globe and
it makes good sense to seek out the expertise of those who personally know and
understand the issues.

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