ILO welcomes G8 support for decent work as central to globalization with social progress

The International Labour Organization (ILO) last week welcomed the commitment
of the G8 summit to support the ILO's Decent Work Agenda as central to
globalization with social progress.

The unprecedented prominence given by G8 leaders to the ILO role in stronger
action to shape a fair globalization came as more than 3,000 government, worker
and employer delegates met in Geneva for the ILO's annual International Labour

The G8 stressed the equal importance of the four strategic goals of the ILO's
Decent Work Agenda: creating decent and productive employment, promoting access
to social protection systems, strengthening dialogue between the social
partners and the respect for core labour standards. Core labour standards
include the prohibition of child labour and forced labour, the elimination of
discrimination at work and the right of unions to organize.

The final declaration of the summit in Heiligendamm includes a call on member
States of the World Trade Organization (WTO) to promote the implementation of
internationally recognized core labour standards in close cooperation with the
ILO. Furthermore, the G8 commit themselves to include decent work and the
respect of ILO core labour standards in their bilateral trade agreements,
recalling that labour and social standards should not be used for protectionist

The Director of the ILO office in Germany, Wolfgang Heller, stressed the role
of the German federal government in this respect: "We salute the personal
engagement of Chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel for a fair globalization and her
recognition of the importance of the ILO's balanced Decent Work Agenda. The
Chancellor has emphasized several times that globalization, including the
opening of markets to trade, should be based on common values as represented in
the fundamental principles and rights at work defined by the ILO."

In their common declaration on the issue of "growth and responsibility in
Africa" the heads of State and government of the G8 also supported the
extension of health care and health insurance in Africa. The ILO, which has
long-standing experience in assisting member States to establish social
security systems, also welcomes this measure and supports G8 donor countries in
their corresponding efforts.

The G8 statement includes a call for ILO involvement in an international effort
to "give more visibility and clarity" to relevant Corporate Social
Responsibility Standards (CSR).

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