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Scott Health and Safety are using A + A 2007 to introduce the new single and twin filter half masks - Profile40 and Profile60, plus many innovative PPE products including Protector Interchange 900 Series Face Protection. Scott will also display powered air respiratory systems, breathing apparatus and Protector branded safety helmets.

From the latest Negative Pressure Respirator range, Scott Health and Safety will focus on the new premium Profile40 and Profile60 single and twin filter half masks. These have been designed to provide safety and optimum levels of comfort, whilst being simple to maintain and offering users low through-life costs.

The clear facepiece is moulded in flexible and durable Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR), which is shaped to provide a wide flat faceseal. Ribs inside the nose bridge seal without gripping to ensure no outward leakage towards the eyes, making Profile40 and Profile60 suited for use with spectacles, goggles and with most other types of personal protective equipment.

The Profile 40 single filter half mask has a standard 40mm EN148-1 thread connection and utilises an extensive selection of lightweight Pro2000 canister filters to provide cost efficient protection. The Profile60 twin filter half mask utilises Pro2 range of cartridge filters which are designed to provide excellent balance and to maximise duration.

The latest Protector Interchange 900 Face Protection range will also be displayed - offering a uniquely shaped face shield for use with new brow guard and helmet mounted carriers, providing excellent protection from impact, liquid splash and high heat hazards.
A main feature of this range is that one design of visor attachment allows the user to select different types of carrier system and simplifies the selection of face protection, whilst also alleviating issues of fit and compatibility.

Widely acknowledged as one of the worlds top of the range professional fire fighting SCBA, Scott Health and Safety will display its modular ProPak Self Contained Breathing Apparatus as well as featuring a range of personal protection equipment for the developing first responder/ civil defence market and fire fighting.

ProPak can be used in conjunction with IRIS electronic and telemetry system and is certified to the latest European standard prEN137:2002 Class II (Class 2). A core requirement in this standard is the new flame engulfment test, taken from the American NFPA standard.

Also on show is the latest lightweight, durable and compact thermal imaging cameras for firefighting applications – including the premier Eagle Imager® 160 camera and the compact, reliable and affordable Eagle XTM camera.
The lightweight thermal imaging cameras have been developed to be durable and reliable in meeting the demands of the toughest fire ground operations, from search and rescue to revealing fire extensions, providing valuable infra-red detection for a variety of law enforcement, security and hazmat applications.

One of the leading causes of death in the Fire & Rescue Service or amongst industrial or underground workers is being trapped or lost, but this may be avoidable in many emergency situations if the proper tool for locating and rescuing personnel is available.

The new Scott Health and Safety Pak-Traker Firefighter Locator is a revolutionary design in fire-fighter and personnel locators, using high frequency 2.4GHzRF to direct rescuers to find personnel who may be trapped or incapacitated. The Pak-Tracker Locator System’s high frequency signal strength provides maximum line-of-sight searching distance at greater than 300 meters, creating a more directional path to incapacitated personnel.

The Pak-Tracker Locator System’s most unique feature is its ability to be used as either a stand-alone location system that can be operated in conjunction with any manufacturer’s self contained breathing apparatus.

To alleviate the substantial costs and time involved sending full-fledged HAZ-MAT response to false alarms, Scott Health and Safety has introduced Prime Alert® Biodetection System - portable test kit, which is designed to support first responders rapid authentication of potential terrorist “white powder” attacks. This Biodetection System broad-screening test quickly detects suspicious levels of bacteria, bacterial spores and many viruses with one test kit, on-site. Hoax agents such as starch, flour, coffee whitener or washing powder are rapidly screened out.

Apart from the obvious immediate handling dangers, the disruption to operations can be financially crippling. With the use of the Prime Alert system first responders can with in minutes identify any one of 13 high-priority bacterial agents with this one test kit, enabling them to quickly classify the alarm by determining the biological risk factors of the unknown substance on-site. Independently assessed, accuracy levels in excess of 98% are achieved using a combination of patented DNA flourescence detection and anti-body based lateral flow technology.

The Scott range and a team of product and application specialists are available to offer help and advice throughout the exhibition in hall 1 on stand number A15 or comprehensive information can be found at www.scottsafety.com

Prime Alert is a registered trademark of GenPrime Inc.

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About Scott Health & Safety
Scott Health & Safety, a business unit of Tyco International , are innovative specialists in the manufacture and design of respiratory, head and sensory personal protective equipment and other safety devices for fire & rescue services, industrial workers, police, military and civil defence organisations around the world.
With five global manufacturing locations, Scott produces products that protect thousands of individuals each day from hazards including smoke, toxic fumes, combustible gases, falling objects and contaminants. The Scott product line includes Compressed Air Breathing Apparatus, Air-Purifying Respirators, Thermal Imaging instruments, Head, Face, Eye and Hearing protection.