HB Schutzbekleidung GmbH & Co. KG

INOTEC® fire & rain, Four additional reasons to choose quality

Our new brand "INOTEC®" stands for a special protection for very endangered workers within the refineries, energy suppliers, clean room techniques etc. Under this roof we have just introduced our line "INOTEC® fire & rain" to the market. HB Schutzbekleidung is a participant in the NOMEX® Quality Program by the company DuPont. Our line "INOTEC® fire & rain" contains at present our NOMEX-Weatherproof parka with removable thermal fleece according to EN 531 (A, B1, C1), EN 343 and prEN 1149-3:2001-05. In order to round off the protective offer off the line "INOTEC fire & rain", we are at present developing a bib trouser.

Long Term Protection!
The flame inhibiting and self-extinguishing properties of the fibres retain their character.

High Wear Comfort!
The fabrics have a pleasant grip and transports dampness outwards.

Well invested!
Since the NOMEX ® brand fabric is flame inhibiting, dirt and water resistant as well as extremely stress resistant, it leads to long lasting durable clothing.

Secure all-round Quality!
Attention to detail and stringent quality standards result in your safety.