HB Schutzbekleidung

INOTEC arc & energy

INOTEC® arc & energy -
The recommendation against electric arc exposures

Our new brand „INOTEC®“ stands for a special protection for very endangered workers within the refineries, energy suppliers, clean room techniques etc.

Under this roof we have just introduced our line “INOTEC® arc & energy” to the market.

HB Schutzbekleidung is a participant in the NOMEX® Quality Program by the company DuPont and therefore all garments of the line „INOTEC® arc & energy“ have been tested against Arc-ManTM and Thermo-Man® and are completely certified according to EN 531 (A, B1, C1) as well as prEN 1149-3:2001-05.

Our line „INOTEC® arc & energy“ contains a double layered jacket (useful with parameter 10kA at 0,5 seconds), which is also available as single layered jacket (useful with parameter 4kA at 0,5 seconds) as well as a trouser and a shirt.

In order to round off the protective offer of the line “INOTEC® arc & energy”, we are at present developing a bib trouser, which will be introduced to the market at the A+A 03.