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INOTEC clean room

INOTEC® clean room

Our new brand „INOTEC®“ stands for a special protection for very endangered workers within the refineries, energy suppliers, clean room techniques etc.

Under this roof we have just introduced our line “INOTEC® clean room” to the market.

Nowadays, it’s hard to imagine life without clean room techniques in many areas. Especially for the production of a lot of high-tech products, a well thought-out protection is essential for very sensitive processes.

Especially for this requirements we developed our line “INOTEC® clean room”, which distinguishes itself by an optimum breathability combined with a high wear comfort. Additionally, the acceptance by the wearers will be increased through functional details, a good fit and design.

Also the advantages of the fabric itself – a very good abrasion resistance, which has been tested according to DIN EN ISO 12947-4 „change of surface“ as well as DIN EN ISO 12947-3 „loss of mass „ - pleads for the usage of the line „INOTEC® clean room“ .