ISO standards 'crucial' says Kofi Annan

Kofi Annan, UN secretary-general, has talked of the 'strong relationship'
between the UN and ISO, and praised ISO for its 'unique contribution in a range
of vital areas - health, safety, security, the environment, transport and IT'.
Annan's message was delivered on his behalf at the ISO 27th General Assembly in
Geneva, Switzerland.

Annan also remarked: 'ISO standards are crucial to sustainable development, as
they are a key source of technological know-how, especially for developing
countries and economies in transition. They are invaluable in helping countries
develop their economies and build capacities to compete on global markets.
Producers and consumers everywhere benefit from your efforts. The UN family
looks forward to working ever more closely with ISO for many years to come. I
thank you for your commitment to our common mission.'

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