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IVRAXO® ACTIVE PEARLS – the soft power

Peter Greven Hautschutz presents its brand new innovative hand cleanser for extra heavy dirt on the A+A-Fair (Safety,
Security and Health at Work) at Düsseldorf, Hall 6, Stand B 07

The use of hand cleansers which contain scrubbing agents over a longer period of time, often leads to occupational skin diseases because the abrasive effect can seriously damage the skin. For many long years, occupational physicians did already call for new measures for the cleansing of occupationally stressed skin. Now, finally, Peter Greven is able to present the solution: IVRAXO® Active Pearls, a hand cleanser suitable for extra-heavy dirt, which has an outstanding cleansing power but does not harm the skin by aggressive scrubbing agents.

The revolution for the gentle cleansing of extremely dirty hands
Persons who work with greases, oils, graphite, soot or other highly-adhesive substances usually have to clean their hands several times a day with hand cleansers for extra-heavy dirt. Up to now, this has been a problem because the effective cleansing of the hands had only been possible with products which contain hard, sharp-edged scrubbing agents, such as e.g. sand, walnut shell powder, maize cob meal or plastic scrubbers. By the regular use of products which contain aggressive scrubbing agents, the horny layer of the skin is reduced which may lead to micro lesions and an increasing risk for contact allergies and may in extreme cases even lead to abrasion dermatitis.
Many occupational physicians recommend the use of hand cleansers without scrubbers. But as their cleansing power in most cases is insufficient, these products are normally less accepted by the users.
The dilemma is now solved by the brand new product developed by Peter Greven: the Active Soft Pearls (ASP).

Innovation Active Soft Pearls (ASP)
The ASP, which have been applied for patent, support the cleansing effect of the tenside combination not by mechanical abrasion as conventional scrubbers would do, but by their polar surface structure which is able to bind greasy dirt particles. The soft and smooth pearls made of hydrogenated castor oil (wax) are able to remove dirt particles without affecting the skin. Just the opposite is true: waxes are preferentially used in skin caring products because of their gently caring and smoothing effect.

Innovative skin cleansing concept - IVRAXO® Active Pearls
In the hand cleanser IVRAXO® Active Pearls, the innovative ASP are used in combina-tion with re-greasing glycerol-ester and a mild but effective combination of tensides on the basis of acyl glutamate. In combination, these ingredients ensure a high cleansing power with outstanding skin compatibility.

New technology exclusively developed by Peter Greven
The Active Soft Pearls (ASP) have been developed in close cooperation between Peter Greven Hautschutz and the parent company Peter Greven, which is one of the leading manufacturers of oleo-chemical products and plays an important role in pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry. With the revolutionary hand cleanser for the removal of extreme dirt which has recently been developed in the own enterprise with their own technology, Peter Greven will take the lead in the sector of hand cleansers for extra-heavy dirt.
„The development of ASP represents another important mile-stone for the success of Peter Greven Hautschutz and a vital component of our strategy of continuous growth we consequently pursued in the past 3 years, says Dr. Manfred Matzel, General Manager of Peter Greven Hautschutz GmbH & Co KG.
For more than 80 years, Peter Greven develops and manufactures high quality products for clean and healthy skin. By continuous investments in research and development and the intensive exchange of experience with customers and users, the company has been able to continuously optimise the quality of its products. Today, Peter Greven offers an effective system for the prevention of occupational skin diseases which duly takes into account the various different skin care conditions and contaminations which may occur in different industrial sectors.

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