EXPRESSO Deutschland GmbH

Individual load handling must be even more efficient!

By means of user-oriented application possibilities, the mobile Lift&Drive lifting aids can help boost productivity and ensure highly ergonomic operation.

With its ergonomic Lift&Drive lifting aids, EXPRESSO, the well-known supplier of transport and handling equipment in Kassel, Germany, has focussed on a class of equipment that can lift and manipulate goods weighing up to 45, 85, 125, 175 or 225 kg.
These mobile, battery-powered lifters can be adapted precisely to individual handling applications, are extremely rugged, and have an appealing design. They are used wherever packages, individual goods or equipment need to be lifted and transported.
Above all, the wide range of load capacities is advantageous for all users occupied with lifting and handling of goods in the “light” weight range, as these activities are subjected to clear work & health regulations. EXPRESSO's lifting systems can be matched precisely to the requirements, thus improving their cost-effectiveness.

Ergonomic working conditions and optimized work procedures

Lift&Drive eliminates physically strenuous work by lifting heavy components to the best working height. This significantly reduces health risks, whereby employee absence due to sickness is decreased. Result: A fast return on investment, because Lift&Drive leads to a noticeable reduction of personnel costs.

Aluminium modular system

In order to supply application-oriented products, the lifters have been designed as a modular system. Due to their low weight, they are easily moved and manoeuvered. For everyday use, it is not only important that the loads are lifted and handled, but that the loaded lifter can also be moved and operated simply and precisely. All of these features are combined in the Lift&Drive.
EXPRESSO manufactures the lifters of aluminium and high-quality stainless steel.
There is a wide choice of wheelbases, pillar heights, platforms, and forks for round containers and small pallets, plus grippers for cardboard and other rolls. Of course we can also supply overall solutions for handling standardized industrial containers (e.g. KLT). Widening and lengthening options add the finishing touches to the modular system. Individual versions and adaptations for special applications are designed in close cooperation with our customers.

Constructional and safety features

Fitted with a reliable, low-maintenance spindle drive, a patented safety clutch, and electronic overload protection, the lifters have an extremely high level of operational safety.
Moreover, because a brush strip protects the drive spindle in the pillar, the lifters (e.g. in the unlacquered version) are also suitable for use in cleanrooms.
The gas-tight, maintenance-free battery and the standard charging unit ensure that the lifter is always ready for service.
Thanks to its four rugged castors, the Lift&Drive remains manoeuvrable even in tight spaces. The lifter can be pushed right up to the storage shelves or a machine, thus allowing the goods to be moved smoothly onto the stable platform. Lifter operation is by means of an ergonomically designed, height-adjustable handle. A removable remote control panel permits all the lifter's functions to be operated from the most convenient position.