Indoor air quality new feature on public health issues

Air pollution - be it indoors or outdoors - is a major environmental health
concern as it can lead to serious health effects, such as respiratory diseases,
including asthma and lung cancer.

Much progress has been made in Europe in improving outdoor air quality and
limit values have been set for several pollutants. However, indoor air quality
also requires attention because this is where we spend most of our time.

A new webpage presents a summary of the scientific opinion produced in 2008 by
the European Commission Scientific Committee on Health and Environmental Risks,
including receommendations for research and answers to following topics:

  • Introduction assessing health risks of indoor air pollution

  • What are the main factors in indoor air quality?

  • How can scientists determine whether indoor air pollutants pose a health risk?

  • Are certain people more vulnerable than others to indoor air pollution?

  • Why are the combined effects of indoor air pollutants hard to measure?

  • Which chemicals found in indoor air are causing the most concern?

  • What household chemicals and products can pollute indoor air?

  • Why is dampness in buildings a health concern?

  • What kind of research on indoor air quality is needed?

  • Conclusions and recommendations

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