Information on occupational safety and health in the Netherlands

Concise information on occupational health and safety in the Netherlands can be
found on a recentltly launched Dutch OSH platform. The government, employers’
organisations, trade unions, private Occupational Safety and Health Services
and research institutions will work together within this forum to improve
health and safety at work.

The Platform’s activities include matching demand for knowledge on health and
safety at work with supply, improving knowledge of occupational safety and
health issues and encouraging employers and employees to put that knowledge
into practice. This site is a portal to all the available knowledge on health
and safety at work. The aim of the website is to also meet the needs and
requirements of smaller businesses, in particular.

It gives access to information and tools as well as to agreements on working
conditions like RSI, physical stress, work pressure, noise and toxic

Further information

AplusA-online.de - Source: Dutch Occupational Safety and Health Platform