DRAABE Industrietechnik GmbH

Innovation: New high-pressure humidifier TurboFog 4

On the A + A 2003 in Düsseldorf DRAABE will present the new high-pressure humidifier Turbo Fog 4. The humidification system operates absolutely hygienically and as such, also performs a health pro-tection function, making it suitable even for the stringent hygiene re-quirements.

The humidifier is designed to humidify air in production and storage areas but also to ensure a healthy room climate in offices and administrations. An innovative high-pressure nozzle atomizes water into an ultra-fine aerosol mist. A small fan rapidly distributes this mist in the ambient air. The unit operates without dripping at all and without an irritating “chill zone”. This allows it to be used even with very low ceilings and a high machine density. With an operating noise of 53 db(A), the fan is barely audible, meaning that the unit can also be used in low-noise production facilities or office areas. DRAABE supplies a water-conditioning unit to match the humidification system. The conditioned water is over 95 % de-mineralized and virtually germ-free.