König + Neurath AG Büromöbel-Systeme

Innovations for a healthier and more economic workstation

König + Neurath is exhibiting at the Safety, Security and Health at Work specialist trade fair (A+A) in Düsseldorf from 18th –21st September 2007. At the centre of the exhibition presentation on the company’s stand (G22-3) will be products designed to improve ergonomics such as the sit-stand workstation Metra, the i-seating® concept with the KiNETA office swivel chair as well as the PIANO acoustic storage furniture. All the office solutions presented by König + Neurath improve employee effectiveness in the long term, and thereby enhance company efficiency thanks to the ergonomic qualities of these products and their adaptability to different work situations.

Acoustics and workstation ergonomics not only serve to prevent damage to health or to maintain health but are rather aspects that have a positive effect on the well-being and the efficiency of employees working in an office. “These aspects are of great importance to health insurance companies, company doctors, safety specialists, furniture specialists and facility managers,” explains Heinz-H. Meyering, Director of Marketing and Distribution at König + Neurath. “Through our intensive collaboration with these industries we are able to continually develop new trend-setting concepts and product solutions - which result in new performance potential for our customers and their employees.”

Metra and ErgoPass, KiNETA and i-seating®: More ergonomics for different working scenarios.

Tangible experience is crucial in order to appreciate the advantages of “sit-stand workplaces” which is why the Metra height-adjustable workplace system as well as the Ergopass developed by König + Neurath is being presented at the A+A. With the Ergopass, each user can check the ergonomically correct adjustment of his or her work station – based on the desk and seating furniture parameters corresponding to the personalised body measurements recorded in the pass.

König + Neurath is also presenting a solution for work situations in which the time and the know-how for the correct ergonomic adjustment are not available: the unique i-seating® technology, which registers the user’s weight and proportions and automatically adjusts itself to the respective “owner”. This ensures that every user benefits from intuitively correct seating – dynamically and in the optimum position. The company has developed a new generation of office swivel chairs based on this innovative concept – which can be tested in practice on the exhibition stand using the KiNETA model.

PIANO provides audible improvement with respect to acoustic problems

“In terms of acoustics too, many office workstations still need to be vastly upgraded,” explains Peter H. Feldmann, Project Manager for ergonomics at König + Neurath. The PIANO acoustic cupboard can audibly improve the sound quality of rooms: the sound is intercepted directly at its source. The special feature consists of the perforated punched steel on the front and rear sides which are laminated on the inside with textile materials. This functions as a low-frequency absorber to significantly reduce the noise level within the office. The topic of “acoustic planning and design of office spaces” is also demonstrated by König + Neurath through the presentation of a new multimedia video which can be made audible with an acoustic CD available on the exhibition stand.

The company König + Neurath
The company was founded in 1925 and is now an international, full-range supplier of office furniture, seating and room systems. It is owner-managed by Egon König, has no stock market listing and is therefore independent. On 1st August 2007, Egon König took up a position on the supervisory board and handed over the post of chief executive officer to Dr. Wolfgang Reising. The new management board consisting of Dr. Wolfgang Reising (chairman), Heinz-H. Meyering (marketing/distribution) and Thomas Fehr (production/engineering) will work together to develop a business which in revenue terms is Germany’s leading office furniture brand.

The company currently has three manufacturing sites and seven showrooms, with additional international branches in England and the Netherlands. The company has its headquarters in Karben near Frankfurt am Main, has a workforce of around 1,100 employees and boasts its own wood and metal processing facilities. The extensive product range ensures the highest measure of flexibility with respect to the realisation of individual customer requirements. For many years König + Neurath has been addressing the topic of “ergonomics for the working worlds of the future" which also represents a fixed component of the company’s philosophy. Within the framework of its far-reaching commitments, the company is, amongst its other activities, a partner of the Initiative for Office Ergonomics (I.O.E.).

König + Neurath at the A+A 2007 trade fair in Düsseldorf
Hall 7a, Stand G 22-3