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Innovative hand pallet truck by BT

Innovative design aids heavy load handling by hand pallet truck

The new BT PRO LIFTER makes light work of moving and precisely positioning heavy loads.

The new hand truck features a unique device that enables its operator to easily overcome the inertia of a heavy load. A lever on the handle activates a mechanism that temporarily connects with the truck’s front wheels. Once connected, a single ordinary pump-motion turns the wheels one third of a revolution, and the truck is moving. This works in both travel directons.

The force needed to move a standard hand truck laden with 2300kg is reduced by two-thirds with BT PRO LIFTER. This also makes precise positioning of heavy pallets easy, as the handle can be used to ‘inch’ the truck.

BT PRO LIFTER is even more versatile than a standard hand pallet truck, and an ideal solution for all applications.