International Social Security Association (ISSA) reiterates call for global ban on asbestos

The unequivocal conclusion of the session organized by INTERNATIONAL SOCIAL
SECURITY ASSOCIATION's (ISSA) Special Commission on Prevention was that
asbestos kills people and must be banned.

In reports, the ISSA has reiterated that there is no such thing as "good”
asbestos, and evidence confirms that, each year, its cancer-inducing fibres are
responsible for an estimated 80-100,000 deaths globally, mainly among workers.
The international scientific consensus is that asbestos causes cancer in humans
even in small quantities.

Both the health and economic effects of asbestos use, plead in favour of its
prohibition. A ban is inevitable in the long run and this decision should be
taken as soon as possible in order to preserve the future. Experience shows
that there is always a possible alternative. The management of asbestos in
place is the next step. This management of the past can be introduced gradually
depending on the technical and financial resources available. In order to do
so, secure landfills need to be rapidly created for the permanent disposal of

Based on the foregoing, the ISSA Special Prevention Commission feels that it
must continue to issue warnings on the devastating consequences, both now and
for the future, of the use of all types of asbestos. It will renew its warnings
and repeat its call for a ban for as long as is necessary.

The use of asbestos is practically banned in Europe and special provisions are
in place to protect workers from risks linked to built-in asbestos.

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