International limit values for chemical agents

The German based database GESTIS contains a collection of occupational limit
values for hazardous substances gathered from various EU member states and the
United States as of 2005. The EU limit values include the additions of February

The GESTIS-Substance Database contains information for the safe handling of
chemical substances at work, e.g. health effects, necessary protective measures
and such in case of danger (incl. First Aid). Furthermore the user is offered
information upon important physical and chemical properties for these
substances as well as special statutory regulations and regulations of the

Limit values of more than 1,000 substances are listed. Limit values for fibrous
substances like asbestos are not included here.

The chemical names of the substances were adopted from the nomenclature as used
in the original sources for national limit values. Thus, for retrieval of
substances, the use of CAS numbers is strongly recommended.

The legal definition of limit values is not identical in every country, e. g.
the definitions of aerosol fractions are not uniform, or short term limit
values have a different scope. For more detailed information on a specific
limit value, the individual list of limit values should be refered to as the
primary source. This database only gives an overview of limit values in
different countries.

The database may be made use of in occupational safety and health or in order
to retrieve information about potential hazards of substances during use.
Commercial use of data as well as partial or complete transfer of data into
other information systems is prohibited unless to written prior consent by HVBG.

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