Interspiro transforms diving - introducing Divator Lite

Interspiro is the world's first company to launch composite cylinders for diving - Divator Lite.
They are a natural evolution of Spiro Lite - the composite cylinders for fire fighting - launched in 1992.

Anders Siberg, CEO of Interspiro says, "We strongly believe in the user advantages, that Divator Lite is able to offer. Various armed forces already use Divator Lite. We have now refined the concept and taken it a step further. Thanks to the impressive response, we now want to make Divator Lite available to all divers”.

Divator Lite combines the advantages of the cylinder pack and the low weight of composite cylinders. In addition, Divator Lite includes a flexible and adjustable weight assembly, designed to suit different conditions. Mounting of the cylinder pack and the weight assembly is facilitated by quick-connect systems.

The cylinder pack of Divator Lite gives the diver enhanced balance and a reduced profile when diving. A reduced profile simplifies the work in fast-flowing currents.

However, most of the diving time is spent above the surface. Transport, waiting and stand-by are as vital as the actual diving. Cold and wet conditions are also common. Divator Lite has been developed to deal with such circumstances. The cylinder weight reduction of some 50% compared to steel reduces substantially the load on the diver's back above the surface.

Divator Lite also simplifies the transport logistics. The flexible and adjustable weight assembly secures neutral buoyancy in the water. The location and the quick-connect system to the cylinders makes for a user-friendly combination when handling the weight. The location of the weight is also ideal for minimizing the diver's imbalance.

Divator Lite is available in three different configurations: 3,4 litre pack, 5 litre pack and 6,7 litre pack.