Invitational conference on Occupational Safety and Health during the Dutch Presidency 2004

The Dutch Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment (SZW) hereby announces that
the invitational conference ‘Effective intervention and Sector Dialogue in
Occupational Safety and Health' will be held at Hotel Okura Amsterdam, The
Netherlands, 15-17 September 2004.

The main objective of this invitational conference is to convey the notion that
there are many creative and effective ways in which companies, social partners,
national and regional authorities can create a healthy and safe working
environment. In particular different forms of sector dialogues at national and
European level can be considered as (potentially) effective tools.

In fact the new "Community strategy on health and safety at work 2002-2006:
adapting to change in work and society" already identified a number of these
tools. Voluntary agreements, partnerships, sector approaches, and financial
incentives for example have been highlighted as interesting new methods of
improving Occupational Safety and Health. This conference will actually provide
information on the current situation in the European Union with respect to the
use of these methods.
On 1 May 2004 new Member States have joined the European Union. They may have a
particular interest in receiving first hand information on experiences with
these new intervention methods.

With all this in mind, SZW is organising the invitational conference 'Effective
Intervention and Sector Dialogue in Occupational Safety and Health' ..

Logistics and registration:

Congrex Holland

P.O. Box 302

1000 AH Amsterdam

The Netherlands

T +31 20 504 0200

F +31 20 504 0225

E-mail arbo2004@congrex.nl

Please mark the dates in your schedule and check the


www.arbo.nl and


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Further Information

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