Journal of Quality

The Institute of Quality Assurance has recently launched a new online
peer-reviewed Journal of Quality for quality practitioners and academics.
Papers will examine all aspects of product and service quality coupled with
social responsibility, environmental impact and the management of corporate and
professional standards of conduct. Design, performance, the improvement of
services, products, processes and systems across all economic and social
sectors will also be the subject of rigorously researched papers and review

Example themes will include:

- mainstream quality management research

- approaches to the effective management of corporate responsibility

- application of quality tools and techniques in fields such as corporate ethics

- studies of organisational culture and its impact on quality performance

- international, cross-cultural comparative studies of effective practice

- new theoretical concepts and models in quality management

- evaluative descriptions of new initiatives in quality management practice

- other academic perspectives (i.e. historical reviews: learning from the past)

- critical perspectives on quality management fundamentals.

Further information

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